Our Guiding Motto And Mission

At HNTeck we strive to greatly improve, impact and enhance the world’s directional accuracy. We’re a passionate team of developers committed to providing premium, innovative GPS tracking technology for fleet businesses. We are the ultimate tech geeks who love to develop for iOS and Android, and build newer and more modern navigation technologies.

We’ve come so far in our development of smart GPS technology that we’re now spreading our network around the world. Our experienced development guarantees glitch-free GPS tracking technology combined with the utmost convenience, top user experience, and high-level functionality.

Focused On New HNTECK Technologies

Our HNTeck work ethic and company culture continually focuses on new technological advancements in the field of AI; finding more ways we can intuitively elevate the user experience and provide even better, more accurate tracking technology. Our continued growth, development, usability and product advancement position us as the next top provider for fleet services looking for smarter, better GPS tracking and monitoring systems.

Major Work and HNTECK Services

Our major efforts in the field of smart GPS technology earned us the Advanced Managed Services certification in Artificial Intelligence for tracking and monitoring services. Our HNTECK engineers work diligently to bring you the top-notch GPS tracking technology that suits you best. We’ve set the stage to make our network bigger and better, exclusively building top monitoring technology for continuous and reliable use.

Our HNTECK Core Values

Integrity, transparency and connected communities are some of the core values we embody with our development work, our technology and our networks every day.

The Best Team of Driven Developers

We work with developers who are incredibly passionate about their work, intrinsically driven by a fierce commitment to modern technology and a great work ethic. Our team of dedicated developers works hard and true to deliver on time the tracking technologies our clients need and require.

Bigger and Better Smart GPS Tracking Technology

We’re now climbing our next peak challenge, to becoming the #1 choice for fleet tracking with technology that combines everything required. Our motivated workforce and enhanced development form a robust team for tracking technology in high demand.

Connected, Caring Communities Worldwide

HNTeck has committed to donating 5% of all profits to select charities and philanthropic causes all around the world. We focus especially on helping disadvantaged or orphaned children without access to schools and education in 3rd world countries. We want to have a positive impact by helping out in the global community. In this way, we are also further helping to build more connected and caring communities here at home, abroad, and worldwide.

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