Wondering how our HNTeck smart GPS technology can work for your fleet business? We’ll walk you through our tracking technology and let you take a closer look at exactly how it all works. Enable our HNT GPS technology confidently with any person or vehicle, to help you always be there with them. Safely and securely monitor employees, routes and field operations in any location – no matter where.

We’ll expertly help you set up your fleet GPS technology along with features like your preferred “no-go” zones, plus any specific navigation paths and options you choose to set up. HNT GPS tracking technology is carefully and accurately designed to work for you.

Connected Smart GPS Fleet Technology

Easily set up your HNT GPS tracking technology with custom strategic routes and specific navigation paths – or let our smart technology determine it all for you. Our tracking technology features programming setup to quickly learn all your regular daily routines and more. Our systems are constantly updated to work seamlessly with the latest GPS networks and integrated server technologies. Our HNT team of experts and developers are also always here to help with added setup support anytime you need.

Safe and Efficient Fleet Operations

Managing a sizable fleet of company cars and trucks? Remove any uncertainty from your field ops with our HNT GPS fleet tracking technology’s smart route analysis. During heavy business volumes or uncertain times, you can rely on our GPS and geo technology to improve efficiency and add confidence to your fleet business operations.

Added Confidence and Convenience

No matter what your fleet business size and structure, our diligent team of specialists and dedicated developers strive to always provide you the smoothest, most reliable, glitch-free smart GPS tracking technology you can count on.

Connecting the Dots For Our Fleet Clients

Connecting all the dots for clients is our top priority. We work diligently to understand your specific fleet business needs regarding our GPS tracking technologies, delivering quality solutions with confidence. Our customer care is prompt and focused on answering your questions, and addressing any doubts on our GPS technology.


Safeguard your fleet business staff, clients, equipment and locations. Added safety and reliability keeps everyone in touch, with your operations running smoothly


Our program development follows the latest, best standards of coding accuracy, integrity and security. Our technology is safe in your hands, and your business in ours.


Rely on our intelligent GPS tracking no matter what your fleet business size and purpose - from ten to thousands. Our connected tracking technology grows with you.

Connected, Caring Communities Worldwide

HNTeck has committed to donating 5% of all profits to select charities and philanthropic causes all around the world. We focus especially on helping disadvantaged or orphaned children without access to schools and education in 3rd world countries. We want to have a positive impact by helping out in the global community. In this way, we are also further helping to build more connected and caring communities here at home, abroad, and worldwide.

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